its founder

David Gagnon is a father of four living in Golden, BC. He has been working and competing in the sports industry, mainly bike/snowboard for 25years. He is passionate about teaching and alongside evaluating/teaching snowboard/bike instructors, he also has been a high-school teacher. His knowledge and enthusiasm is easy to distinguish through his many teaching practices. He is the co-owner of Higher Ground Sports alongside his (amazing) wife and has founded Crüx Initiative to give back to Golden and the surrounding communities by offering quality sports clinics, courses and events.
Photo credits: Abby Cooper

The Crüx Initiative has come together with the combination of many years of experience in the mountain bike and snowboarding coaching and teaching industry and also with a passion for the outdoors. David has many roles, as a the Quebec regional coordinator for the Not-For-Profit Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors, a current Board Member of the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association and as a cycling personal coach and guide. He believed his vision had to intergrate many aspects of these different fields: offering a higher level of teaching and coaching quality than what's existing already in most other NFP organisations with only certififed coaches/instructors, shuttling vehicule, smaller group size, use of modulare obstacles. Also, creating jobs opportunities, offering a volunteer incentives and rewards program, creating a low income family initiative program and offering the local community with different outdoor related programs.  

Such a project could only be done with a team of unique individuals who could each bring certains set of skills and experience to the table: John Denham, Rick Seward, Jessie Oatway, Chucky Gerrard and Laura-Ivy Gagnon.